Roadwar Veicoli

Highway Warriors on the Autobahn

Roadwarriors – War on the Autobahn

The movie Mad Max (Mel Gibson, 1979) inspired a number of different wargames designed for futuristic vehicle combat. Car Wars by Chad Irby e Steve Jackson, the classic roadwar simulation, was published in 1981 in the same year Mad Max 2 – The Road Warrior appeared at movie theaters. Popular table-top simulations like Dark Future (1988) by Games Workshop, Wreckage by Fantasy Flight Games, e Krash (1999) by Cell Entertainment followed. All of these games have in common that they can be played con commercially available Matchbox cars e trucks, ed a variety of compatible miniature figurines. A ficticious wargame period has the added benefit that veicoli may be converted in any way desired by the modeller, without strict reference to historic counterparts. Much of the fun of roadwarrior modelling involves finding suitable veicoli at flea markets e toy stores, e customizing them in ways which were not invisioned by automobile manufacturers.


  • Enforcer, Mattel HotWheels 2002 No.169
  • Batmobile, Mattel HotWheels 2004 No.31
  • Batmobile, Mattel HotWheels B3540
  • Deora, Mattel HotWheels B3549
  • Power Sander, Mattel HotWheels C2759
  • KRASH Starter, Cell Entertainment 3-1008
    • Vehicle Expansion, Cell Entertainment 3-1001
    • Equipaggiamento Expansion, Cell Entertainment 3-1002
  • KRASH Monster Truck, Cell Entertainment 3-1005
    • Vehicle Expansion und Regeln, Cell Entertainment 3-1006
    • Equipaggiamento Expansion, Cell Entertainment 3-1007
  • KRASH Expert, Cell Entertainment 3-1090
    • Hovercraft, Cell Entertainment 3-1009
    • Equipaggiamento Expansion 3-1010
  • Roadwarrior Conversions

Loading the vehicle con external stowage is an endlessly creative task. Unlike military vehicle models which tend to be relatively uniform in appearance, the roadwarrior vehicle guidatore will take along whatever he considers essential equipaggiamento. Model railway shops offer deckchairs, parasols, bicycles, hunting trophies, e many altri oggetti in scala H0 which the roadwarrier might have scrounged e liberated in the course of his adventures.

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