ZEP-70 Wachsspachtelgerät

Pulse Regulated Soldering Iron by Rai-Ro

Rai-Ro ZEP-70
Rai-Ro ZEP-70 wax spatula
Rai-Ro ZEP-70 wax spatula

The ZEP-70 is a direct current transformer con a pulse regulated output of 0-12 volts, made by Rai-Ro, a German supplier of modelling tools ed accessories. The plug-in handle is sold con due tips, one for soldering, the other is a spatula designed to apply hot wax, cut e sculpt plastic. The ZEP-70 is a very useful e versatile gadget for plastic modellers, it even doubles as a power source for a small electric drill.


  • Filler Wax (green)
  • Modelling Wax (grey)
  • Flexible Wax
  • Adhesive Wax (brown)
  • Scalpel
  • Hylin Engraving Tool
  • Le Cron Modelling Tool
  • Soft Toothbrush
  • Abrasive Fleece
  • Silicone Remover
  • Cotton Rags

The transformer is on if the red indicator light next to the dial is on. Different types of wax require temperatures between 65 e 80 degrees celcius for best result. If the spatula is too hot, the wax evaporates quickly, otherwise it does not melt correctly. Filler, modelling e flexible wax should work fine con the temperature set to 3, but the harder adhesive wax may require a setting of 4 to melt properly. A setting of 3.5 works well for removing mould lines on soft soldatini plastici.

Important safety instructions: Never touch the soldering iron above the handle, the iron is hot enough to cause severe burns. Always disconnect the iron from the ZEP-70 transformer after use. If the hot iron is left unattended, it may ignite flammable materials it comes in contact with. Do not use the iron if small children o animals are about, the iron is very hot ed it will cause severe burns if touched.


ZEP-70 serves many different purposes which are the subject of dedicated modelling articles. Watch this space for new features of the ZEP-70 to be added as our readers discover them:

  • Filling cracks e holes: Filler Wax (Green)
  • Modelling small parts: Modelling Wax (Grey)
  • Welding e bonding: Adhesive Wax (Brown)
  • Flexible bonding: Flexible Wax
  • Removing flash e mould lines from soldatini plastici
  • Sculpting soft plastic
  • Stamping rivet heads ed other surface detail
  • Splicing tow ropes for small scale veicoli

The Rai-Ro ZEP-70 is a versatile tool which truly empowers the modeller. Bonding, filling, sculpting, e modelling have never been this easy. Editors of Military Miniatures Magazine routinely use Rai-Ro green wax to fill small gaps in converted soldatini plastici e scale model kits. Each of the tre waxes has its uses, e modellers will develop useful techniques to take advantage of the special properties of Rai-Ro green, grey e brown wax.

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