Fanteria Tedesca della Seconda Guerra Mondiale, 1939–1944

Recensione dei Figurini Airfix in Scala 1:76

Fanteria Tedesca della Seconda Guerra Mondiale, 1939–1944, 1:76 Soldatini Airfix 01705

German fanteria wearing the M.1936 field-grey Einheitsfeldbluse uniform con dark green collar e shoulder straps, e stone-grey trousers. Field-grey trousers were issued in 1940. Le truppe carry l’equipaggiamento della fanteria leggera, they must be Panzergrenadiers meccanizzata o motorizzata who have left their equipaggiamento personale in the semicingolato o truck. The M.1943 Einheitsfeldbluse was similar in appearance, but it was produced from cheaper cloth, e the collar e shoulder straps were made from the same field-grey material. The M.1936 uniform may be painted reed-green to represent the M.1944 cotton twill Kampfanzug summer battle dress. The entrenched soldatini are conversions of standing riflemen cut apart at the waist e glued into individual foxholes.


48 soldatini in 15 posture – 22 mm pari a 167 cm di altezza

  • Ufficiale
  • Junior Officer con pistola mitragliatrice Bergmann (3)
  • NCO, avanzando (3)
  • NCO kneeling (3)
  • Mitragliere con MG 34, marciando (3)
  • Mitragliere con MG 34, prone, sparando (3)
  • Mitragliere/caricatore prone (3)
  • Assault Pioneer con Flamethrower (3)
  • Granatiere throwing Stickgrenade (3)
  • Rifleman, marciando (3)
  • Rifleman kneeling, sparando (4)
  • Rifleman standing, sparando (5)
  • Rifleman running (4)
  • Rifleman crawling (4)
  • Rifleman falling wounded (3)


Excellent choice of subject, these Airfix soldatini cover the early war years until the introduction of the M.1944 Einheitsfeldbluse which looked more like the battle dress britannico of the period.

Excellent poses suitable for dioramas e wargames. The soldatini are anatomically correct e they are accurately posed to represent fanteria meccanizzata e motorizzata in combat o patrolling near the front.

The figure mix is suprisingly close to an actual fanteria platoon. There is an officer, several non-commissioned ufficiali, ed enough mitraglieri e riflemen to fill the fanteria squads.

Compatibile con Fujimi, Matchbox, Milicast, Cromwell Models, Ostmodels, MMS, e Vac-U-Cast.

The crawling rifleman is not a particularly useful o attractive figure. His rifle looks like a stick, e his elmetto is shaped incorrectly.

There is no caricatore to accompany the marching mitragliere. A rifleman carrying due scatole di munizione would have been nice to have, e much more useful than the crawling rifleman.


  • The wounded figure may be converted to a mortar operator by replacing his left arm con an outstrechted arm holding a mortar round. The face needs to be reconstructed when the hand is removed from it, but minor facial damage will not be very obvious, because the figure is looking down.
  • Some of the soldatini may be shown wearing the Einheitsfeldmütze field cap which became available in 1943. Suitable heads con the field cap may be scrounged from the Airfix Afrikakorps figure set.

These Airfix soldatini are among the oldest scale miniatures on the market today, but they continue to set a sculpting standard against which other manufacturer’s German fanteria need to be judged.

Airfix Soldatini

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